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Mural Cloth

also known as Polytab and Parachute Cloth


Mural Cloth is non-woven fabric that is primed with 2 coats of the highest quality interior / exterior primer. It can be worked on with almost any paint and media. Your mural can be painted on cloth inside and adhered to a wall using acrylic gel medium.

Over the past 4 -5 years Mural Provisions has worked with hundreds of artists to print outlines and ghost images of their designs on mural cloth. Printing the mural design eliminates the hours spent transferring the artist design to the cloth. Since the print registration is incredibly accurate printing the design has proven to save an incredible amount of time during installation.


We sell primed mural cloth by the linear foot to more traditional mural artists who like to use a projector to transfer their design onto mural cloth.Primed mural cloth is also great for collage, crafting and for painting in art classrooms.

We also print unmatched high resolution pigment prints on cloth. These prints come ready to install and can be painted over if desired. High Res prints are coated with acrylic sealers for interior walls and coated with a thick UV protective coating to maximize life outdoors.


Mural Cloth
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